Stephen Vaughan

Stephen's recent projects have been made at the edges of Earth’s tectonic plates. Working with earth scientists, archaeologists and historians, his photographs examine the relationship between geological phenomena and human-cultural and histories.

Stephen is Senior Lecturer in Photography and member of the Research Centre for Environmental Humanities, Bath Spa University. Find Stephen at

Helike– Maeander

Stephen is currently developing a body of work in the south-east Mediterranean region that examines the physical correspondence between sites of earthquake faulting and ancient oracular temples. The scope of the project is within the complex tectonic setting of the Hellenic Arc at the junction of the African, Eurasian, Anatolian and Arabian tectonic plates (the Cyprus Arc is part of this setting).

Under the working title Helike–Maeander, Stephen has made a series of photographs at the archaeological site of the lost city of Helike (destroyed by earthquake and tsunami in 373 BC) and at fault/temple sites on the Menderes River in Western Turkey. These sites are examined at various stages of excavation, including exposed trenches of significant discovery and unexcavated sites that deny visible evidence of archaeological revelation (but which are loaded with history, knowledge or anticipation of discovery).