Efi Savvides

Efi Savvides completed her BA in Printed Textiles at Middlesex University, London. Selected solo shows include: Transplantation II, House of Cyprus, Athens (2016); Silent Barriers, Yeni Tzami, Thessaloniki (2014); In Transit, Argo gallery, Nicosia (2009); Blue or Red, Diaspro Art Center, Nicosia (1993). Selected group shows include: Planetes, European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 (2017), Shelley Street Residence - Old Powerhouse, Paphos, CY; AyeBaDome: Super, Thkio Ppalies, Nicosia (2016); Transplantation I, Thessaloniki biennale: 5 – parallel programme (2015); Lettres Intérieures, European Capital of Culture, Mons 2015; The Photobook Exhibition, Benaki Museum, Athens (2015); Law and Art, Goethe Institut, Thessaloniki, (2014) Other Indications, NIMAC, Nicosia (2013); Envision Cyprus – Memories Alive, eesc, Brussels (2012); Terra Mediterranea - In Crisis, NIMAC, Nicosia (2012); How to Make a Garden, Phytorio, Nicosia (2012); Cyprus 2010: Art in Present Tense, Espace Commines, Paris (2010).

Efi Savvides’ work constructs greater maps of public spaces—spaces that include migrant minorities and non-Cypriot refugee communities. Her research traces their practices of surviving in Cyprus and their struggles for asylum and basic human rights. Otherwise neglected by mainstream media or demonised by populist politicians, stateless migrants’ protests and hunger strikes become the centrepiece in her work through oral history devices, archival research, and video and photographic documentation. Savvides has also been collecting stones and paving slabs used by the protesters, everyday objects, notes, and leftovers scattered around government buildings, squares, and parks such as the park of the Presidential Palace, the parking lot opposite the Ministry of Interior in Nicosia, and the enclosed Richmond Village at Dhekelia British Military Base. Taking place in the obscure space between viewing and witnessing, Savvides’ practice challenges the ethical ambiguity of our roles as engaged observers and simple onlookers.