Adam O'Meara

I’ve been held by the power and magic of photography for the past 28 years. I possess an obsessive curiosity about our world and our material culture. Early on in my photographic education, whilst studying Documentary Photography at Newport School of Art and Design, I realised the potential of examining and presenting our material culture through a photographic process could disrupt and engage audiences in reconsidering their relation to our world. My previous bodies of work include: Anatomy of an Object (2016), a photographic presentation of material culture found at a recycling site; Getting Away With It (2014), a forensic study using high speed film to test war photographer Don McCullin's claim of being saved from a bullet by his camera in Cambodia; Foil (2012), an archaeological study of tinfoil as used for illicit drug taking; White Vans (2012), an ethnographic survey of white van surfaces and the marks left by their owners; Toil (2011), a typological study of humans posture engaged in digging; Flat (2010), photographic landscapes of the problematising the picturesque. My recent exhibitions are: Anatomy of an Object (2017) at the Collection Museum, Lincoln; Getting Away With It (2016) at Thin Line Film Festival, Texas, US; and Free Range Film Festival, Wrenshall, Minnesota, US. My work has been featured in the following publications: Source: The Photographic Review (Summer 2012); Immediate 3 published by Site Gallery, Sheffield; HaHa: Margam Revisited (2002) published by Ffotogallery and Seren, Cardiff; Year of the Artist (2001) published by British Arts Council. In addition to being a practicing photographer, I am Programme Leader of the MA in Photography at the University of Lincoln, UK.

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