Wiebke Leister

Wiebke Leister is a German artist living in London. She studied at Essen University and gained a PhD from the Royal College of Art in London. Her works challenge the limitations of photographic representation and individual likeness, often focusing on the human face as a canvas, a medium or an agent. She works with photography, collage, text and performance.

Object Alliances

Inspired by discussions around the Archaeological Imaginary, this work will explore how we look at sculptures of human figures in a context where these are not portraying particular individuals, but rather proposing imagery that is constitutive of a cultural communality. In this context, I see photography as a tool that can unearth and reenact imaginary accounts by revisiting and restoring historical or archaeological sightings both in the present tense and for the present moment. Taking inspiration from the assembly of terracotta votive figurines that were excavated around the altar at the sanctuary of Ayia Irini (Cyprus Museum, Lefkosia), I want to study how figures form a union and a context by staging a physical encounter with them as living objects.

—Wiebke Leister