Marina Kassianidou

Marina Kassianidou is a visual artist working within drawing, painting, and installation. She obtained an M.A. in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and a Ph.D. in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Arts. She is Assistant Professor in Art Practices, University of Colorado Boulder. Find her at

The project involves recreating stains, holes, and other marks that denote the passage of time on the pages of books. I am working with books that have been in my family’s possession for hundreds of years. The process involves “excavating” each book, looking for these marks of time, tracing over them, and recreating them via drawing on sheets of paper identical in size to the original book. The result will be a series of new books containing only these marks. The project does not directly utilize photography but rather a photographic process of working that involves a one-to-one mapping—a partial recording of the books’ features. The narrative of time and use, denoted by the marks on the pages, is brought to the foreground while the textual narrative is left behind. The project, thus, forms an archaeological study of the original books as material objects rather than solely texts. 

—marina kassianidou