Artemis & Manglis

Alexandra Manglis works as a poetry editor, academic, and writer. She is currently writing short stories and editing an anthology of essays by poets for Milkweed Press. She holds a DPhil from the University of Oxford and was awarded the Susan C. Petrey scholarship to attend the 2017 Clarion West Workshop in Seattle, WA.                     

Charalambos Artemis worked as an editorial and advertising photographer in London for about ten years. His portrait work was consequently exhibited at London’s National Portrait Gallery. Artemis currently works on personal projects and a select few commissioned projects. His most recent project, ISLANDLISTENING, a meditation on surveillance and Cypriot landscape, was exhibited at the AG Leventis Gallery in 2016.

The Acacia and the Elephant

Through a combination of photography and writing, Charalambos Artemis and Alexandra Manglis’ The Acacia and the Elephant tells the tale of a private fossil collector and a prophetic dream he had that led him to a prehistoric elephant skeleton buried under a single acacia tree in the eastern corner of Cyprus. The project dances on the limits of archaeology’s authority by skirting away from human history and by engaging with the private sphere rather than with the state-run or academically-led paleontological field. The Acacia and the Elephant aims to provide an uncommon perspective to Cyprus’ history while simultaneously interacting with themes of authenticity, contested narratives, knowledge, and the affect of historical objects, filtered through the oneiric and the inexplicable.