Aquilina & Papallas

Andreas Papallas and Thomas Aquilina first collaborated during their MPhil in Architecture at the University of Cambridge as part of the Cambridge Design Research Studio.

Andreas is a researcher and an architectural designer interested in evaluating, analysing and visualising complex urban conditions. His recent work on Nicosia has been presented and exhibited in Cambridge, San Francisco, Cartagena, Waterloo and Madrid.

Thomas is an architectural designer, urban researcher and itinerant academic. His recent photography and film-work has been exhibited in London, Cambridge, Delft, Groningen, Johannesburg and Kampala.   

A Buffer for the Everyday

This project explores the intersection between photography and archaeology focusing on the conflicting narratives of Nicosia’s buffer zone. Our photographs will record the less-obvious contexts of ‘everyday life’ manifested within a narrative of ‘normality’. We understand this concept of normality to represent conflict as something normal—not only on both sides of the divided city, but also further entrenched by the long-term presence of the United Nations. We will attempt to ‘see the city’ of Nicosia in terms of what is often missed: a sense of its ordinariness. And we are interested in experimenting with images and words. 

—Andreas Papallas and Thomas Aquilina